Divorce Mediation (with or without Attorneys), Child Support, Parenting Plans

Florand Mediation provides services for couples working with or without Attorneys. Attorneys are not necessary in the mediation process. As a family mediator Christina is trained to help with Dissolution of Marriage paperwork, Parenting Plans, and Child Support Guidelines. Your entire divorce can be handled start to finish.

Personal Injury, HOA/Condo, Business Disputes, Contracts, Insurance: Personal and Property, Workers' Comp

Mediate instead of going to court. Personal Injury, HOA/Condo Association disputes. Keep embarrassing  business disagreements out of the public eye. Write or Enforce business contracts. Insurance, Personal and Property. Disputes can be handled after work and on the weekends, so valuable business hours are not missed. 

Elder Care: Family Decisions for Aging Parents, Will, Trust, & Estate Disputes

Choosing what is right for Mom and Dad as they age is a tough decision. This can become increasingly difficult when siblings are at odds. Florand Mediation can help work through these conversations (via Zoom or phone if needed), to reach a solution that will give aging parents what the whole family feels is best. Disputes over Wills/Trusts/Estates are also handled.

Co-Parenting Plan, Special Needs Children, Family Agreements

If you are Not married but have children in common and need a plan for time sharing, special needs, medical, or child care. Florand Mediation helps individuals write agreements for medical decisions, child expenses, holiday visits, and time sharing.