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Business Mediation in Southwest Florida

What Is Business Dispute Mediation?

Business dispute mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method through which two or more parties or entities involved in a business disagreement can meet with a mediator, identify their issues, and work to create a legally binding solution. The mediation process is an option prior to or after filing a law suit and can be handled with or without attorneys.
With the guidance of a neutral third party (mediator), the disputing parties will meet at a convenient conference space to discuss and resolve pending issues with the goal of achieving a voluntary settlement agreement which is enforceable should the case need to be brought to court at any point. 

Common Business Conflicts That Can Be Resolved Through Mediation: 

  • Construction Disputes 

  • Supplier and Vendor Disputes 

  • Partnership Disputes 

  • Employment Disputes 

  • Service Contract Disputes 

  • Sales and Distribution Disputes 

It is vital to work with a business mediator to determine your specific instance and approach the situation with the best possible outcome.

How Skilled Mediators Can Help Your Business Dispute

When considering business dispute resolution, consulting with a reliable mediator is imperative for proper guidance. Christina Florand is a Florida Supreme Court-certified family and civil court mediator/arbitrator who is committed to helping clients settle business disputes outside of court. With her extensive knowledge of alternative dispute resolution options, she can hear out your unique circumstances and educate you about the benefits of mediation. She will work diligently with all the parties involved to understand the business' differences in order to productively create a legally binding solution. 

Disputes and disagreements can arise when two or more entities participate in a business deal. Business disputes could be the result of a contract breach, confidentiality breach, product liability, shareholder disagreement, IPR infringement, employment issues, or anything else. 
Thankfully, mediation offers a cost-effective way to resolve business disputes amicably while taking the concerns of every party into consideration. 

If you’re thinking about settling a business dispute through mediation, it’s important to consult with a Florida mediator. At Florand Mediation, LLC, you’ll receive detail-oriented service and skilled guidance every step of the way. Christina Florand can work to understand your specific issues, walk you through the mediation process, and help you achieve a peaceful and productive resolution. 

Example of a Business Contract Dispute  

When it comes to operating a business, clashes over contract agreements stand out as one of the most popular reasons for disputes. These contract disputes, commonly referred to as breaches of contract, arise when one party neglects to adhere to the terms or fulfill their responsibilities in the contract.  

As an example, imagine two businesses, Business A and Business B, have entered into a partnership agreement to develop a software application. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of each company, the timeline for development, and the sharing of profits upon successful launch. As the project progresses, tensions arise between the two businesses. 

Business A believes that Business B has not met its technical development milestones on time, delaying the entire project. Business B states the delay is due to the constant design changes requested by Business A. Both sides are accusing the other of breaching their responsibilities outlined in the contract. 

How Does Business Dispute Mediation Work?   

Using the following scenario above, a business mediator has the resources to approach the situation using the following tactics:  

  • Understanding the Agreement: The Business Mediator carefully reviews the partnership agreement to gain a clear understanding of the terms, obligations, and timelines set forth for both parties. 

  • Communication: The Mediator organizes a joint session with representatives from both businesses. This allows each side to express their concerns and perspectives regarding the alleged breaches. 

  • Identifying Key Issues: By skillfully guiding the conversation, the Mediator identifies the bottom line of the dispute – the dispute between design changes and technical delays – which helps define the breach of contract from both sides. 

  • Analysis: The Mediator employs their knowledge to assess the situation, comparing the agreed-upon terms with the actions taken by both parties. This helps in determining whether there have been actual breaches of contract. 

  • Exploring Compromises: Drawing on their experience, the Mediator suggests alternative ways for resolving the dispute. For instance, they propose a timeline adjustment to accommodate design iterations while also outlining a revised technical development schedule. 

  • Facilitating Agreement: Through a series of negotiations and discussions, the Mediator helps the businesses reach a middle ground. Both businesses acknowledge their role in the conflict and arrange an agreement to modify the existing project plan to the new mediated plan. 

With the guidance of the business mediator, Business A and Business B avoid spiraling into a costly and time-consuming legal battle. Instead, they find a way to harmonize their efforts and move forward with the project. The mediator's involvement ensures that the project gets back on track, the contractual relationship remains intact, and both parties gain a clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities.  

Advantages of Business Mediation

Here are some benefits of business dispute mediation: 

  • It is far more cost-effective than litigating a business disputes. 

  • It saves time, which saves money. Most cases are resolved in a couple of hours.

  • The disputing parties do not have to spend their entire day in court. 

  • It affords you more control over the process and outcome of the dispute resolution. 

  • You can get creative on how you settle your business disputes. 

  • The issue can be resolved outside of the public eye, thus keeping your business affairs private. 

  • It enhances communication between the disputing parties. 

  • It helps prevent potential conflicts and grudges later. 

  • It helps preserve the business relationship. 

An experienced mediator can help you prepare for business mediation, walk you through the process, and improve your chances of reaching a successful resolution. 

Business Disputes Mediation in Florida

If you’re involved in a business dispute and would like to reach a settlement through mediation, contact Florand Mediation, LLC to schedule an initial Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation. The firm proudly serves clients throughout Southwest Florida, including St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, North Port, Osprey, Clearwater, and Tampa.