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HOA/Condo Association Dispute Mediator Serving Southwest Florida

Homeowner Association (HOA) and Condominium Association disputes affect countless Floridians every year. These disputes often arise due to disagreements over common issues, such as maintenance and repairs, assessments and fees, or governing document interpretations. In some cases, these disputes escalate into legal battles that can be time-consuming and costly for all parties involved. Judges require that Home Owner and Condo Associations first attempt mediation, before the case will be heard by a judge. The court does this in hopes that all of the parties involved will have an opportunity to give their input and create an agreement that works moving forward.

The thing that makes these cases particularly difficult is when neither party involved plans to move away from the neighborhood. Resolving this type of conflict in mediation with a neutral party can help to repair relationships between neighbors and get back on better terms.

Florand Mediation, LLC, is proud to have Christina Florand, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Civil Court Mediator/Arbitrator, at the forefront of our HOA/Condo Association dispute mediation services. With her extensive experience, Christina aims to provide a peaceful and favorable resolution for all parties involved in property disputes.  

Her goal is to foster open communication and mutual respect among disputing parties, paving the way for resolutions that are equitable and beneficial to everyone. Learn how Christina Florand can help you and your community resolve disputes efficiently and affordably by scheduling a Free 30-minute phone consultation today. 

Florand Mediation, LLC proudly serves clients throughout the Southwest Florida communities of Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, Nokomis, Osprey, North Port, Port Charlotte, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and more. 

Obligation of Involved Parties 

When it comes to HOA or Condo Association disputes, it's crucial for all parties involved to understand their legal obligations before exploring their options for resolution.

Homeowners have the legal responsibility to comply with the association's rules and regulations, pay dues and assessments on time, and maintain their property according to the established guidelines.  

On the other hand, the association is responsible for fairly and consistently enforcing rules, maintaining common areas, and addressing concerns raised by homeowners.  

By understanding your own role, as well as the obligations of other parties involved, it will be easier to discuss the issue at hand and move towards an agreement that works for everyone. It's important to remember that while a resolution may require compromise, it should never involve any party feeling taken advantage of or pressured into making decisions they are not comfortable with.

Common HOA Questions and Concerns 

Homeowners often have questions and concerns regarding HOA/Condo Associations. The following covers some answers to common questions brought to Florand Mediation, LLC: 

What can HOA do if I don’t comply with their rules? 

If you do not comply with the association's rules and regulations, your HOA may impose penalties to ensure adherence. These penalties can include fines, suspension of certain privileges, or in extreme cases, legal action. The specific actions taken by the HOA depend on the association's bylaws and governing documents, which outline the procedures and consequences for non-compliance. 

What happens if I don’t pay HOA fines? 

If homeowners fail to pay HOA fines, the association has the right to take legal action, which can include placing a lien on the property, charging interest on the unpaid fines, or even pursuing foreclosure in extreme cases.  

When disagreements arise regarding fines and the implementation of consequences, mediation can serve as a powerful tool to design a fair resolution that mutually benefits all parties involved. 

How do I report HOA abuse in Florida? 

If homeowners suspect HOA abuse in Florida, they can report it to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). The DBPR oversees HOA regulations and investigates complaints related to HOA misconduct. 

If you're a homeowner or condo owner in Florida and you suspect HOA abuse, you don't have to face this challenge alone. You can reach out to Florand Mediation, LLC and schedule a consultation with Christina Florand, for guidance through the process. 

How do I file a HOA complaint? 

As an HOA or condo association member, you can file a complaint against your HOA by submitting a written complaint to the association's board of directors or management company. Your complaint should include documentation of all relevant details about the problem. This includes:  

  • specific dates,  

  • times,  

  • locations,  

  • individuals involved, and  

  • any attempts you've made to resolve the dispute.  

It's important to follow the association's established procedures for filing complaints. Christina Florand can help you understand the filing process and your options for resolving any further issues through mediation.  

Can I sue my HOA?  

In some cases, homeowners might consider suing their HOA. Before doing so, you should consider how litigation can be lengthy, expensive, and may further strain community relationships. Mediation offers a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. Explore your options and receive personalized advice when you schedule a consultation with Christina Florand at Florand Mediation, LLC

The Value of Mediation 

Mediation provides numerous benefits for resolving HOA/Condo Association disputes:  

  • It fosters a collaborative approach, allowing all parties to have a voice and actively participate in finding solutions.  

  • It can save time and money compared to litigation, as it avoids lengthy court processes and attorney fees.  

  • It allows for creative and customized solutions that may not be available in a court setting.  

  • It also promotes open communication and understanding, leading to improved relationships between neighbors.  

Christina Florand's mediation services focus on providing comforting guidance and creative solutions. She understands the emotional and financial toll these disputes can have on individuals and aims to reduce stress by facilitating a respectful and productive dialogue. Her goal is to help parties reach an agreement that is satisfactory to all involved and can also be made into an order by the court if necessary. Contact her Southwest Florida office today to schedule a consultation and learn more.  

Common HOA/Condo Association Disputes 

Disputes within HOA/Condo Associations can stem from a variety of issues. These may include: 

  • disagreements over property maintenance,  

  • violation of association rules,  

  • noise complaints,  

  • favoritism or irregular enforcement of HOA rules,  

  • parking disputes,  

  • misuse or misappropriation of fees and assessments, and  

  • conflicts regarding shared amenities.  

Such disputes often lead to tension and strained relationships among neighbors. Christina Florand's role is to facilitate productive discussions that lead to mutually agreeable solutions. She creates an environment where all parties can express their concerns openly and work towards a resolution that benefits everyone involved. 

HOA/Condo Association Dispute Mediation in Southwest Florida 

If you're facing an HOA or condo association dispute in Southwest Florida, contact Florand Mediation, LLC today to learn more about how mediation can help you achieve a fair and peaceful resolution.