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Child Support Mediation in Southwest Florida

Child Support Mediation

Florand Mediation provides services for couples working with or without attorneys. Attorneys are not necessary for the mediation process. As a family mediator, Christina is trained to help with Dissolution of Marriage paperwork to get you to a File Hearing. Parenting Plans and Child Support Guidelines are required by judges, and can be rather confusing.

Christina and her staff are prepared to complete your Divorce or Paternity case in as little as 4-6 hours, and notarize all your documents on the spot. Your entire divorce can be handled from start to finish with or without an attorney. Once completed, all you have to do is take your completed packet to the Clerk of the Court and they will file your case, and give you a case number. Once your paperwork has been reviewed, you will be given a Final Hearing date.

How do I get Child Support?

In Florida, whether you are married or not, your children are entitled to child support. Using a mediator to help you calculate what that amount will be, is both easy and cost effective. Christina will walk you through how to file the proper paperwork to ease the complication of going it alone. We work with both parties to create a parenting plan and child support worksheet, so your case can be filed with the court and made a judicial order.

Often couples tell me that they don't want to pay child support to one another. If this is the case, sometimes a Motion to Deviate can be used to explain to the court why this is necessary in their case. In the courts eyes, Child support is the right of your child, so a child support guidelines worksheet must be filled in and filed in each case, whether or not a motion to deviate is added.

Parents also have the option to make an agreement without turning their paperwork into the court. Some couples prefer to write an agreement outside of court. If completed in mediation, this agreement is legal binding and can be enforced by the court, even if you never filed it with them.

If your case is more complex, but you both agree to use a mediator, we will help to facilitate the conversations necessary to help you reach an agreement. If you each hire an attorney, and are unable to agree, the court will order you to mediation in hopes you can work it out with your attorneys and a neutral third party (mediator) present. For a Free 30 minute Phone Consultation, call Christina at 941.228.8150.