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Landlord Tenant Mediation in Southwest Florida

Unfortunately for most of us, we have found ourselves in a situation where we and our landlord do not see eye to eye. These cases quite frequently end up in small claims court where the parties end up being assigned to a mediator to help resolve the conflict.

Did you know that you can request to mediate with your landlord or tenant prior to filing a lawsuit? Well, you can! Save the money on court costs and lost work. Florand Mediation can set a 2 hour mediation, so your day isn't spent waiting your turn in small claims court, but rather in a time slot that works for each party. Christina helps bridge the gap in communication where most conflicts get stuck, in order to help the parties reach an agreement that will put a nagging dispute to rest. If you're curious if your case is good for mediation, reach out. We offer a Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation.