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Paternity or Co-Parenting Mediation in Southwest Florida

If you are Not married but have children in common and need to file a Paternity Case to set a plan for time sharing, child support, special needs, medical, or child care, please reach out. Florand Mediation helps co-parents write agreements to file for Paternity to establish child support, medical decisions, child expenses, holiday visits, and parenting plans.

You will have the option of submitting your agreement to the court, or holding onto it and adhering to it between the two of you. If you chose to open a case and have a judge make your agreement a court order, it is much faster to enforce should the need arise. However, if you have not submitted it to the court and it is not being adhered to, you can start a case to enforce your agreement. Christina is always available for a Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation if you need a better understanding of how writing a Co-parenting plan works. You can also go to the Parenting Plan page or the Child Support page on this website.