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Divorce Mediation (with or without Attorneys),

Florand Mediation provides services for couples working with or without Attorneys. Attorneys are not necessary for the mediation process. As a family mediator, Christina is trained to help with Dissolution of Marriage paperwork, Parenting Plans, and Child Support Guidelines. Your entire divorce can be handled from start to finish.

Divorce Mediation

How do I get a Divorce in Florida?

In Florida, the only requirement is that you must have lived in Florida for 6months prior to filing. If you have a simple case without children or a lot of assets, you can file on your own or use the help of a mediator. 

If your case is more complex but still fairly amicable, you can use a mediator as well without the need for attorneys. If you hire an attorney, chances are you will still be required to attend mediation. For a Free Consultation, call Christina at 941.228.8150