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Divorce Mediation (with or without Attorneys),

Florand Mediation provides services for couples working with or without Attorneys. Attorneys are not necessary for the mediation process. As a family mediator, Christina is trained to help with Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) paperwork to get you to a File Hearing. If you have children, Parenting Plans and Child Support Guidelines are completed in Mediation as well. Your entire divorce can be handled from start to finish in mediation.

Divorce Mediation

Christina and her staff are prepared to complete your Divorce or Paternity case in as little as 4-6 hours, and notarize all your documents on the spot. Your entire divorce can be handled from start to finish with or without an attorney. Once completed, all you have to do is take your completed packet to the Clerk of the Court. They will file your case and give you a case number. Once your paperwork has been reviewed, you will be given a Final Hearing date.

How do I get a Divorce in Florida?

In Florida, the only two requirements to petition the court for a divorce is that one of you must have lived in Florida for 6 months prior to filing, and that the marriage is irrevocably broken. If you have a simple case without children or many assets, you can file on your own or use the help of a mediator. It is always recommended to consult with an attorney even if you choose not to retain them. Mediators are neutral parties that will guide you through the process of getting a divorce and finalize all of your paperwork, but most parties are more confident in mediation when they have received legal advise from an attorney.

Even if your case is complex but still fairly amicable, you can use a mediator without the need for attorneys. Christina has mediated the equitable distribution of a variety of assets; including businesses, couples with prenuptial agreements and multiple properties. Mediators are trained to help facilitate difficult conversations in order to finalize your agreement. This sometimes requires us to have private conversations with each party to better understand what they are ultimately looking to achieve and what they value.

If you each hire an attorney, or one party hires an attorney and you are unable to reach an agreement, the judge will order your case to mediation in hopes you can resolve the issues with a neutral third party present. For a Free 30 minute Phone Consultation, call Christina at 941.228.8150.

Christina has helped couples with mediated settlement agreements not filed with the court, as well as pre and post nuptial agreements.